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St Mary's

Church Green Tree Safety

Sunday, 26th September 2017

Church Green where we park for the church and church hall is Common Land and therefore the responsibility for it’s maintenance rests with no-one in particular.

The oaks have started to shed limbs. If branches damage people or vehicles the costs would have to be covered by the person concerned because of the area’s status.

The trees now require approximately £1,200 of safety work to restrict the chance of more limbs falling, and we have been asked by Eversley Parish Council to contribute £300 of these costs (as have Hart District Council and Hampshire County Council).

The Parochial Church Council does not feel it can contribute directly from church funds as this work lies outside the churchyard boundary, but it also recognises that we would all benefit by being able to park with minimal risk.

If you are a regular user of the parking area, please consider if you can make a contribution to funding this work. Please put your contribution in a clearly marked envelope and pass it to Rev’d Rachel or Sylvia Jackson, who will make sure the exact amount is forwarded to Eversley Parish Council.

Your contributions will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Eversley Parochial Church Council