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[Rev'd Rachel Hartland]

Rev'd Rachel Hartland Appointed Associate Priest

Sunday, 11th February 2018

The Bishop of Winchester, Bishop Tim, has appointed Rev’d Rachel Hartland on a permanent basis as Associate Priest in the Benefice of Eversley and Darby Green. This will be on a non-stipendiary basis.

She and Graham will remain living at their home in Yateley, and look forward to serving the local communities over the coming years. A service of Licensing to this new role will be held at St. Mary's Eversley on Monday 9th April (more details later.)

Graham and Rachel (pictured below) would like to thank everyone for their welcome last year when she was deployed to Eversley to complete her curacy.

[Rachel and Graham Hartland

Rachel and Graham "selfie" in 'The Hive' at Kew Gardens

The encouragements they have received over the intervening months, both here and at Darby Green have been a big factor in the sense of calling Rachel has received from God to stay and minister here long-term.

She is thoroughly looking forward to developing the ministry of the whole benefice with Rev'd Lerys Campbell in these communities.