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St Mary's

Trees on Church Green

Sunday, 11th March 2018

You will remember that Eversley Parish Council (EPC) asked if St Mary's would contribute a quarter (i.e. £300) of the cost of making the trees on Church Green safe.

We sent EPC a cheque for £323.50 which was the full amount collected from the congregation.

Unfortunately, as has been pointed out to St Mary's by several people, the publicity leaflets put through the doors of Eversley residents and an article in the magazine neglected to acknowledge St Mary's contribution. We understand that the April Parish Magazine will put this omission right.

One tree has been completely felled as the HartDC survey showed it was rotten and we have asked EPC to let us know when the remainder of the work is completed.

In the meantime, Eversley Parish Council has asked that we convey its thanks to everyone from the congregation who contributed to this project.

Update: All the urgent work on the Church Green Trees is now complete, including the removal of a large rotten limb near the graveyard. If anyone has further concerns about the trees on Church green, or limbs thereof, please contact Eversley Parish Council.

Kind regards

Eversley Parochial Church Council