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St Mary's Church

Update in View of Latest Restrictions

Sunday, 1st November 2020

Although we are still awaiting some of the detail following the change in restrictions announced by the government yesterday, the guidance is clear we will not be able to have any “in person” services between 5th November and 2nd December. This includes any “in person” elements to Remembrance Sunday observance we had planned next week.

Please find below a revised, online only, offering of services for the next 4 weeks. Our small tech team will be joining Rachel or myself to stream the services from the churches as this is still allowed, however we will not be able to have any congregation join us.

Although it is disappointing to have to move back to online only, we are hopeful this is only for a short time and we will soon be able to incorporate those who cannot access online worship once more. We are still hoping to include as many as possible in the services through pre-recorded elements and in other ways, so please do get in touch if you would like to be involved in the services.

Sadly this ban on services also includes the wedding we had booked for St Mary’s for this week, (please pray for them as they try and rearrange) and our weekly morning prayers in church, so that will be moving to online only once more for these as well. We are still able to be open for private prayer on Saturdays (at St Barnabas) and Wednesdays (at St Mary's) between 10.30 and 12 noon.

On a more positive note, we have already been working on some exciting ideas for how we can celebrate advent and Christmas in Covid safe but fun ways this year. We are hoping to get as many people from the community involved as possible, either at home or by following trails around the neighbourhood(s). We will be releasing more information about how you can get involved soon, so watch this space.

Please do pray for everyone at this time, especially those whose businesses are particularly affected by this fresh lockdown, for those who will struggle with the isolation, for all those affected by this disease and for our churches as we seek to shine God’s light into our communities.



Sunday Services for November

Sunday, 8th November

10:00am Joint service from both churches with Act of Remembrance
(Unfortunately, no in person attendance at either church due to new restrictions)

Sunday, 15th November

10:00am Morning Worship online from St. Barnabas
(Unfortunately, no in person attendance due to new restrictions)

Sunday, 22nd November

10:00am Morning Worship Live from St. Mary’s
(Unfortunately, no in person attendance due to new restrictions)

Sunday, 29th November

10:00am Online Service of “Spiritual Communion”
(Unfortunately, no in person attendance due to new restrictions)

For further information, please contact:

  • Lerys Campbell

    01252 935120