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Update on Services during July/August

Following the latest set of guidance from the Church of England for the move to stage 4 of the Governments Covid roadmap, which was issued on Friday JUly 16th, we have taken the decision to continue with outside worship wherever practical for the next few weeks to ensure we can do things as safely as possible.

Given the current high number of cases both locally and nationally, we will continue to ask people to socially distance wherever reasonably possible, and to wear masks indoors.  We will also continue to use individual cups for communion.

However in a change to the previous guidance, we will be allowed to have indoor singing with masks, should the service need to be indoors.

Many people will feel comfortable moving back to closer contact with others following the relaxing of the rules, however, equally as many people will want to maintain distancing and reduce the risk of transmission as much as possible to keep themselves and others safe so we do ask that everyone respect this as we want as many people as possible to feel comfortable coming to the services.

We will be looking in more detail at the guidance over the next week or so and carrying out a full risk assessment.  Hopefully once we have completed this we will be able to reintroduce some other aspects of our shared life together such as refreshments after the services and other activities.

We will review the situation again towards the end of the summer.


  • Rev'd Lerys Campbell

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