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Prayer Ministry

What is Prayer Ministry?

Jesus came preaching the Kingdom of God is near. He himself went about preaching and healing. He sent out first the 12 and then the 72 to preach and to heal and finally when he told the 12 to make disciples they were to teach them to do everything Jesus had commanded the apostles which obviously included preaching and healing.

So in obedience to the Lord’s teaching we now have Prayer Ministry available after communion on the second Sunday of each month.

This has proved very popular and so we are looking to recruit another group of people willing to train and serve as part of this team.

Who is the Prayer Ministry training course aimed at?

Anyone who wants the chance to come and learn about Prayer Ministry without any commitment either way. The course will give you an opportunity to hear about why and how to pray for others and to practice praying in a safe environment. At the end we will invite some of those who have been on the course to be involved in Prayer Ministry in church.


If you are interested in attending or would like further information, please contact:

  • Rev. Lerys Campbell
  • 01252 935120
  • Every day except Monday