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What is Confirmation?

An Affirmation of Faith

Confirmation offers those who have been baptised as children the opportunity to affirm the Christian faith for themselves.

  • It is a public declaration of faith
  • It is an outward and visible sign of an inner decision to accept God’s grace, be forgiven and walk with Jesus
Bishop Peter of Basingstoke officiating at a confirmation

Bishop Peter of Basingstoke officiating at a confirmation

Belonging to the Church

At confirmation we acknowledge that as Christians, we join the Church and journey together.

  • It is about becoming a Church member, which allows you to fully participate in Communion services & the life of the Church
  • The congregation promise to support you going forward on your Christian journey

What's the Laying on of the Hands?

This is when the Bishop conducting the service places his hands on your head as he prays for you to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Why get Confirmed?

  • To publicly affirm your faith and gain the Church's support and prayers
  • To be filled afresh with the Holy Spirit & to grow in faith
  • To put a stake in the ground, a marker on your spiritual journey
  • To step out in faith and be blessed!

Who can get Confirmed?

Confirmation is open to:

  • All adults
  • Children in school year 6 and above

If you have not been baptised as a baby, you will need to be baptised before becoming confirmed. This usually happens at a separate service beforehand.

Anyone wishing to be confirmed will need to prepare by attending either an Alpha or Youth Alpha course. Alpha runs up to 3 times a year, either in the morning or evening. Youth Alpha is run as needed at a time that best suits the candidates.

When are Confirmation Services held?

They are arranged after an Alpha course has finished on a date when the Bishop is available. The service itself may take place at St Mary's Church, St Peter's Church, Yateley, or St Barnabas Church, Darby Green.


For further information or if you would like to be confirmed, please contact:

  • Rev. Lerys Campbell
  • 01252 935120
  • Every day except Monday